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Orrville Chick Hatchery, Inc.
Type of Business Chick Hatchery
Founded/Incorporated September 19, 1990
Number of Employees 13
Equipment Capabilities Chick Master Setters and Incubators
Capacity / Utilization 95% to 100% (One Shift Operation Only)
Customer Market Affiliated Company (Hingle Company)
Repeat Business Nearly 100%
Management Team Learn more...
Company Overview

In the fall of 1990, the Orrville Chick Hatchery came into existence and was incorporated.

A facility was quickly constructed in the new Industrial Park in Orrville, Ohio with the guidance of the Gerber family and an experienced hatchery manager.

In the fall of 1991 the hatchery placed its first group of fertilized eggs into incubation. In January of 1992, the hatchery was supplying the Hingle Company and its growers with a full compliment of live chicks.